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Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Abs Day: Jed Hill, cover model extraordinaire!

Another Friday, another Happy Abs Day on the Blog and another Thursday (as I am writing this a day before posting) that I sit at my desk and all but pull my hair out, asking myself what the h... I'm going to come up with now. I've done a few now and today I was so totally and utterly uninspired that I really was going to revert back to my list of actors and see if I could find some inspiration but I've done that twice already so I don't want to become repetitive so soon again so I went browsing through my folder of bookcovers (which I use to store the cover that go with my reviews both here and on my personal blog) and the first one I stumbled upon was the one of BREAKING POINT by Pamela Clare, which led me to remembering Pamela saying on her blog that cover model's name was Jed Hill and I remembered they also used him for Jaci Burton's upcoming THE PERFECT PLAY and INSATIABLE by Lauren Dane and wham...!!

Hulloh there...inspiration!!

Anyone who knows me (I'm looking at you ROOB-gals!), knows I am not one to salivate quickly over covers but these ones...It MUST be Jed Hill who's inspiring this lusting because I have quite some naked upperbody males on the covers of my books but none of them make me stare and stare and stare again like Jed does. So this week I'm dedicating Happy Abs Day to the cover model who makes me stare and drool.

First let me show you the covers I'm talking about and then I have a few other yummilicious pics of Mr. Hill.

Enjoy Jed and have a HAPPY ABS DAY! 


Sabrina said...

These covers are just WOW. Hope he will do lots more in the future.

Penny said...

whoa. I mean......WHOA! GRACIOUS! Thanks for this, Pearl! Goodness!

Marq said...

Oh WOW! He actually has a name and a face! Those abs are to die for. Yummy!

elaing8 said...

I love love love Jed Hill :D
That stupid guitar is in the way ;)
Did I mention I loooove him..lol

Mandi said...

Damn Jed!!!

Eva / TXBookjunkie said...

Holy crap! *drool*

SpazP said...

holy shit holy shit holy shit **breathes deeply in to a paper bag**

Sparklybearsy said...

Daaaaang i just swallowed my tongue!!!

Fiction Vixen said...

I love him on the Insatiable cover. Perfection.

Katiebabs/ KB said...

His tummy looks a bit odd to me but the chest and pecks are so very lickable.

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

Good choice! I used the boxing glove picture in one of my twitloss posts. He is yummy!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... Thank you!!

Scraps said...

.02 seconds after I followed this link from Twitter I forwarded it to my best friend and called her on the phone and said "You must open your email NOW and follow my link". We 30-something mothers salute you Jed. And we salute your abs. And your chest. And your chin. And wish the guitar were gone, gone, gone.

And we salute you Pearl for sharing such...amazing amazingness.

Natascha said...

Oh my oh my, sweet mother nature this is perfection. I think a new word can be added to our vocabulairy, it's just..... jediliscious!!!!!!!!!

Leontine said...

The first time i was in such state of Abs bliss that i completely forgot to comment but KUDOS to your inspiration Pearl!!

Aurian said...

Wow, droooollllll

Anonymous said...

Good gosh. What a chest!! Yum Yum.
You are so built. I Love you.


Anonymous said...

Jed, no mortal man can compete with your sculpted perfection! I stare and stare at your image !


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