Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guess the book

Last week I read a book and stumbled upon a description which instantly made me think; Did I not read that is someone else's book already? I was so stupified because I thought there was only one character with that kind of hair!

Here is the quote:
Her breath caught in her throat. Never in her life had she seen a more handsome man.
At first glance his hair was dark brown, but in reality it was made up of all colors; ash, auburn, black, brown, mahogony, even some blond. She'd never seen hair like that on anyone. Long and wavy, it was pulled back into a sexy ponytail.

Everyone who has read J.R. Ward immediately thinks Phury, right? Well, I wasn't reading Lover Enshrined or any other BDB book. So I wonder, does any of you know who this character is with the same kind of hair as Phury?

I just had to google images of Phury...see if anything like that kind of hair actually excitst...without coming from a bottle. such color but I found men with heads of hear 0.0 They so make me green with envy:

 Okay...perhaps not a wild mane of hair but *drool* he's so good to look at ;)

 Now this is a mane...dear lawd, he would make Shakira look green with envy at that!

Love this guys face...even with all that hair...he's still all man to me!!

Can't wait to hear who you think the quote guy is ;)


Tracy said...

I have no idea except maybe some Breed from a Lora Leigh novel? I like the pictures though - super yummy!! lol

Marissa said...

Who cares about the book lol Just gimme one of those men to play with!

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