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Friday, May 14, 2010

Anna Windsor - Dark Crescent Sisterhood Mini Interview (2009)

Anna, thank you for your precious time to indulge the inquiring minds and to join us in the anniversary celebrations.

Who and what are Dark Crescent Sisterhood about for those who are not yet acquainted with your novels yet?

The Dark Crescent Sisterhood is comprised of female warriors known as Sibyls—women with strong elemental talents—earth, air, fire, and as the story proceeds, water, too. They train from childhood to protect the weak from the supernaturally strong, and they work in small fighting groups all across the world. These first tales are set in New York City.

Which characters are you most questioned about?

Andy, hands down. Everyone wants to know about Andy, and when she’ll get her story. Bela Argos comes in second, but folks are fascinated by her, too.

Are you a chaotic writer or a structured one?

A mix. I tend to just write for the first 50 pages, or “Act I.” Then I stop, go back, plan, do light outlines, and revise accordingly.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Place can really influence my writing, and music. I tend to move all around my home and play different soundtracks when I’m trying to nail down different scenes.

Your latest release in your Dark Crescent Sisterhood trilogy is Bound By Light. Where is the most unusual place you found a copy?

I’d have to say—the local Christian bookstore. Didn’t quite expect that.

How would you describe Jake as the hero?

Serious, brilliant, powerful, and determined. Jake was betrayed by his own family, his humanity literally stolen from him, so he has much to overcome to trust, to learn to respect himself—but love? That’s not a problem. Jake loves deeply, fiercely, but he struggles to believe he’s worthy to be loved in return.

How would you describe Merilee as the heroine?

Merilee is calm and balanced, with a strong intellectual streak of her own. She’s accustomed to seeing the “big picture.” It’s her job in her fighting group, and her greatest talent. She can see things in Jake that he can’t—but maybe her love can open his eyes.

If your novels would ever be captured on screen which actress’ would come close to play:

Riana: Selma Blair
Cynda: Kate Walsh
Merilee: Charlize Theron

Pearl asks: The Motherhouses, the Legion, the Sybils, the different forms of demons... Are they based on history or mythology or did they come solely from your imagination?

The Sibyls have a strong base in Russian, Irish, and Greek mythology, and are based on “wise woman” images and myths from those cultures. The Motherhouses are based on both real and mythic locations in those three countries, but the political structure, operation, inhabitants—all of that came from my own head. The Legion for the most part came from my head, but the demons have ties to demons in mythology and Biblical study. I tend to take an archetype, or image recognizable by most readers, irrespective of culture, and try to enhance/build upon that for a type of character that’s new and different, yet intuitively “right” to readers.

Pearl asks: The three Astaroths introduced in BOUND BY LIGHT (Darian, Quince and Jared) Will they make future appearances or even play bigger roles if there are more books?

They will make appearances, and yes, I’d like to shape at least one of them into a character in future books. Depends on how many books!

Pearl asks: Trying not to spoil by rephrasing a bit but I really, really want to know: Why the twist in BOUND BY LIGHT with Sal Freeman??? Why did you do that? Why? (don't mind the melodrama....) How is Andy doing with all this?

Andy’s road is destined to be twisted, rough, and very different. She’s a fighter and survivor, and she’ll come through it, I promise. But she does have a long way to go. The twist—it’s a war, and the Legion truly is evil. Injuries, death, losses, unimaginable pain—those things must happen, or the war is more in theory than reality. I do understand though. Philip Pullman wrote these wonderful, wonderful creepy historical mysteries with a romantic flair called the Sally Lockhart Quartet. I shall hate him forever and never ever ever forgive him over Fred. Those of you who have read these, I know you understand.

That does Anna Windsor do when she doesn’t write?

Works at a wonderful historical psychiatric hospital in Western Kentucky during the day, helps on the farm (dogs, cats, over 70 birds of various varieties), tries to endure the struggles of her two grown children, reads, and critiques for her writing partners.

What are you reading now?

I’m listening to the Stephanie Plum books on audio because the narrator is brilliant, and reading on paper James Lee Burke’s Dave Robicheaux series, because a friend just turned me on to their wonderful-ness.

Up Close and Personal with the Sybils and their men.

Raina, Cynda and Merilee, we hope you have time for us in an indulgent moment with us gals. As we munch on chocolate and sip our tea we would like to know your thoughts on:

The blueprint of a man should always contain…?

Riana: Devastating eyes and a wicked smile.
Cynda: Eyes? Smile? Oh, please. Give me muscles, attitude, and a great big, way thick--
Merilee: Cynda! Brains. A good heart. Ouch. Stop it, Cynda. Okay, okay. The muscles, attitude, and that other thing—I’m good with that.

A sinfully wicked delight would be…?

Riana: An ├ęclair. Fresh. Dripping with chocolate sauce. And some fresh cherries. Served by the Marine on the front of the AMERICA’S HEROES calendar.
Cynda: NOW you’re making sense. Yeah. I’d say, marshmallows toasted on top of graham crackers and Hershey bars . . . served on the naked ass of any of the guys on the DIEUX DU STADE 2008 calendar
Merilee: Any of the guys from firefighterscalendar.org, serving any damned thing they want to. A chocolatini would be spectacular.

The best way to spend a free afternoon is…?

Riana: Relaxing with a good book and sensitive hunk giving you an endless foot massage.
Cynda: See above question re: wicked delights.
Merilee: A long walk, arm in arm with the man of your dreams.

Pearl asks: Nick and Creed How does it feel to be married to Sibyl...

Creed: It makes me tremble inside. Or . . . is that the bedroom floor?
Nick: Hot. Very, very hot.

any particulars to being married to a Sibyl except for the fact that Riana can cause cave-ins and Cynda can burn the clothes of your back?

Creed: The Mothers can be interesting. Seriously, though, any man who wants to marry a Sibyl has to learn to check his ego at the door. They can match you blow for blow, and they never back down in a fight. I love it.
Nick: The Mothers have Very. Big. Swords. And there’s nothing wrong with my ego, asshole. Is it hot in here?
Creed: Your shoes are on fire.

Jake, give us one phrase that says it all about the couple you and Merilee make.

We could stand together against the strongest hurricane.


Thank you Anna, for doing this interview with us and good luck with your upcoming release of Captive Spirit (Nov. 2010) & Captive Soul (Dec. 2010)!

For more information on Anna Windsor and het Dark Crescent Sisterhood series please visit http://www.annawindsor.net/


Pearl said...

I pre-ordered Captive Spirit today! Can't wait to go back to the Dark Crescent Sisterhood world!

Marissa said...

I loved this interview, but I still have to start with the first three in this series, I have them brand new on the shelf, this just reminds me of how many unread books I have...

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

@Pearl I take it you love this series then ;-)

@Marissa I know what you mean, I am working on my lists now but dang so many books still unread on my shelves that I'm a bit reluctant to add new one's in case I enjoy new authors and just HAVE to buy the complete series!

Leontine said...

I love the ladies Riana, Cynda and Merilee, they have great girl humor! I started in bk 3 like months ago but have to re-read it again as I never finished it. Why? I have got no clue but I have the upcoming three books on pre-order YAY

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