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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Abs Day - Wet 'n Wild

Now this feature on our blog, is one that will return on a regular base, and will fill our minds will sinful daydreams and will start our day off with ogling ABS and Alpha Males.

~ This first time will start off with a theme Happy Abs Day brought to you by Natascha ~

It’s late at night (for me anyway) 22:47 and I’m sitting on my sofa patiently waiting for the commercial-break to finish, so I can get back to my Law & Order episode. It’s the re-run but I love this series so I didn’t mind at all, but I was dozing off a bit. Up until that familiar tune hits my ears and my eyes open in a flash. I am completely aware again and focused on the here and now, because my 4 favourite commercial-men are on again, promoting this absolutely terrible tasting drink which I shall not name but is a mix of apple cider and beer…. Ofcourse I won’t keep you from being able to ogle them yourself...

Click HERE for commercial

I ogle my men and at my favourite part of it, the idea popped in my mind for a Wet ‘n Wild – Happy Abs Day. The next day I started my frantic search for hunk-a-liscious male men, complete with ABS, ABS and well ABS. I came across a few who more than tickled my fancy ^.^


I know everybody knows him as a funny, goofy guy from friends, but there’s something about this picture and wet white shirt, that makes my heart thumb like the feet from Bambi’s thumper!


I have absolutely no idea who these are, but I wouldn’t mind opening the door to my bathroom and find one of them there in the shower *waggling eyebrows* hmmm why not all *blishful sigh*

and let’s not forget one of the most gorgeous males of Dutch origins….


This man can make my mouth water and cheeks blush in an instant! I mean if you are willing to lose your job to publish photo's like this - that is hard core Alpha Male to me

Ok now, I’ve done my job and need a fan to cool me off for a bit, but ofcourse I would love to know who tickles your fancy while being ‘wet ‘n wild’ but I cannot leave without this one lost photo of my ultimate beach-man:

Happy showering *wicked grin*


Blodeuedd said...

Really liking that 2nd guy ;) mmmm

Marissa said...

O yeahhhh Natas, this realllyyyyy is a happy abs day!!!! I love that commercial!!! I do not like Arie Boomsma, never have, I don't know why... But the other guys, yummy!!!

Leontine said...

Girl, you start HAD with a sizzler girl! I want to shower the first one on the left...just need to find my rubber duckie LOL Yet the one with the white undies...not too shabby either *rowr* And Arrie Boomsma, a little mote ab definition but by all means, where's my tankini and I'll join him in paradise!!

elaing8 said...

OH WOW!!!!
going back to stare...I mean look :) at the pictures.
I think I'll go curl up to the last one on the beach :D

Pearl said...

Can I borrow the UNKNOWN guy on the right to give me sponge-baths and nurse me back to health please?? Oh yeah! Will recover so much quicker then, I'm sure of that!


Natascha / Ashleagh said...

Hey Girls,

@Blodeuedd Nice one! those are 3 different one's hmmm what would you do with them mwoahahaha

@Marissa we have the same taste and so not the same taste, that's what makes it great, a bit of a mix on the HAD's is always good ogling!

@Leontine The first one on the left I had claimed my own but I'll give him to you if I can keep Arie to myself *wicked grin*

@Elaing8 The last one on the beach is absolutely stunning, I mean I had to cover my keyboard because he is simply drewl-worthy.

@Pearl I've send him on your way, I hope his magical hands help you straight back to health in no time!


Book said...

I can't help it, but i like Arie Boomsma..... Hubba, hubba......

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

@Book woohooo someone else who thinks Arie Boomsma is yu-hummy, I've recently found some other pics..... so drewlworthy!!!

Annemiek V said...

Haha, maybe it's because i'm Dutch too. I always liked him! I don't mind another set of pics! ;-)

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

@Annemiek V I'll make a post on my personal blog dedicated to our own Dutch Alpha Male, as soon as it's up and running I'll give a shout out!

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