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Monday, May 3, 2010

Grand Opening - Having Breakfast with Eric Dane

Eric Dane: Hello Everybody. I’m here as your host for the grand opening of Realms On Our Bookshelves – the blog format. I’ve heard that my ladies have been working their collective booties of to revamp website to blog and now I’m sitting here in the kitchen of the mansion to serve them a hearty breakfast and ask some questions.
Natascha gets out of the pool, after toweling off and putting on a sarong joins Eric and Leontine at the breakfast-table. She pulls up a bar-stool and set’s herself down for some ‘breaky’ “Great juice Eric!”

Ladies, let me start by asking who occupies this incredible mansion?

Leontine: “Eric, you know how to whip up one tasty breakfast *licks jam of fingers* Normally, it is me, Natascha, Pearl and Marissa but we’ll invite guests to party with us here. That’s the fun part, we have a pool, a garden full of secluded areas, a sun room, a play room *waggles eyebrows* and much more, so we can go all out! ”

Eric fills his glass with juice and looks at the women across the table, “I’m going to have fun with you both right here in the kitchen if you don’t mind. There are just a few questions I want to ask you so that both new and old visitors get to know you a bit more.” Leontine rolls her eyes, “McSteamy, like nobody already knows us! We’ve been around, since like 2006, it’s not like we’re a couple of young grasshoppers in the genre and community!”

Eric laughs out loud and humor makes his eyes get a wicked gleam, “Leontine, but I have never asked you ladies questions and my mind just wants to know a few things.” Natascha frowns…

“Hmm Leontine, I think we should set up some ground rules for these questions, I don’t like that twinkle in his eye’s one bit…”

Eric “Tough luck sweetheart, my game, my rules…. So you better set your booty down again and get ready for my questions…”

Describe your sister in five words.

Leontine: “Humorous, creative, stubborn, loyal and loving. (<- I hate to be short and to the point!)”

Natascha: “I wonder, is there spanking involved if we don’t stick to the question?”

Eric: “That depends on how much pleasure you take from it.”

Laughing out loud Natascha adds: “Eric, love of my life, you cannot torture me like that!” mumbling to herself: ‘describing my sister in five words, like that will cover it all.’ “ok here goes, giving it my best try: Sweet, impulsive, wickedly naughty, loyal and loveable.”

If you could have breakfast in bed with any man, fictional, actor, anyone, who would that be?

Leontine: Eric, you do know that my bed is big enough for at least a few men and I’m a fictional hussy *grin* A few new ones have captured my heart and I will invite Phantom (from DEVIATIONS series of Chris Owens) his deviant humor and ways pushes my major buttons :) - Jamie Fraser (from THE OUTLANDER series) nothing beats a man with a *rowr* brogue to deliver a lingual orgasm and Quinn (from Shiloh Walker’s BROKEN) – I lurv the tortured hero!

Natascha: “I’m not giving you the satisfaction…”

Eric chuckles.

“To be honest, with 3 men already holding up a space in my bed, I’m keeping my other spot for my future husband to be. However up to when that memorable event will happen, I wouldn’t mind sharing my breakfast toast with either Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Rafaello Balzo, both for different reasons. And if you look deep into my heart I won’t say no to Jeroen van Koningsbrugge either mwoahahaha. Sorry Leontine, I just had to mention him, because well let’s face it, if a man can make you smile and laugh out loud, that’s a man to cherish!”

Girl, that is not the ways of man-candy I taught you!! *gives Natascha a stern look of an older sister* I mean Jeffrey Dean Morgan, oh yes, just looking at him in GREY’S ANATOMY and SUPERNATURAL he’s all bleeding heart, dimples and sad smiles *sigh* Rafaello Balzo, oh yes, those abs trigger the need for some whipped cream and he rises my body temperature instantly and then…Jeroen van Koningsbrugge = cold shower. I should’ve added weird like only you can be when Eric asked to describe you in five words, and I say this with all the love I have for ya!! (((hugs)))

“Yea but sis, I love the all bleeding heart, dimples and sad smiles, it’s THE way to my heart!”

Eric starts to look at Natascha all star-crossed lover like, but all it gets him is a raised eye-brow.

“Anyway, I don’t claim a lot of men but Rafaello is one gorgeous alpha of a man! Jeroen is in no such way a cold shower, he is incredibly funny and easy on the eyes. It’s not the looks but inside that counts!!!” *shakes head as if to say oh-oh what am I to do with you*

Leontine laughs out loud, “Wasn’t wildly naughty one of your words to describe me?? I guess this is one of those moments.”

Romance is…?

Leontine: “Oh man, this is a tough one and making me all serious. Romance is…*frowns* In books I love it when the stakes are almost insurmountable high and the hero and heroine still make it to a happily ever after. In books romance is small gestures speaking of intense emotions, feeling an absolute passionate hunger for each other, an attractions that is an undeniable force and romance is claiming the other when nothing makes sense but you go with your gut feeling.

In real life I feel that romance is baring your darkest secrets, showing your best and worst, sharing your deepest desires, and knowing that the other one will do his/her utmost best to accept and love all of you. It is enjoying a sunset together where your hubby squeezes your hand and receiving a hug when you need one but haven’t asked for it. So much can speak of romance and I hope to always keep recognizing it in both the small and the bigger gestures.”

Natascha: “Hinting for ways to woo us right? Hmmm should I bare my soul on this question or let men ponder about how to romance me? To me I think romance can be found back in the littlest things in life. Making a cup of tea when you are sick, opening a door for you, know how you feel before you feel it, things like that. To me one rose says more than a dozen, and a home-made ring says more than the most expensive diamond wedding-ring. It’s the thought and work put into it that makes it more special. I think romance can differ in each relationship you have, because the connection you have with a loved one is different.

Which picture in your man-candy folder describes sexy in capital letters?
Leontine: There are no words...you just enjoy the scenery with this one *grin*
Natascha: “I think for me that picture of Rafaello Balzo is one heck of an eye-candy from my folder but as I already used that one *cheeky me…* I’ll put down another one gnagnagna. I have absolutely NO idea who he is but he makes my hormones run around wildly!
“Oh, sis, I remember him from a Dark-Hunter profile, I love his face, that look, he makes me go a bit feral and rip his clothes from his a$$ to find out if he has that tawny skin all over those fins muscles :)”

You’re stranded on an island and the only bag that survived contains which five items?

Leontine: My e-reader filled to capacity with e-books, of course it was wrapped in a water resistant casing. Gawd, I feel so sneaky right now *grin* Tampons, I’m practical, I can still remember the scene where Brooke Shields was swimming and suddenly visited by Aunt Flo in BLUE LAGOON. I’ve got to have sunscreen factor 200 or else I’ll burn alive, summertime for my skin means; White – getting some sunshine – going tomato red – and after a few days it turns in to an off white skin color. A clean pair of underwear…is it me or am I horribly practical? And a device with a panic button which will conjure up a survival of the fittest he-man who can rescue me out of situations like killing or fishing for my own dinner, building a fire, making a hut out of palm leaves and dealing with natives – somehow I keep having images of BLUE LAGOON *frowns*

Natascha: “God girl you are so practical. Tampons, exactly I would have a pack which contains an endless supply of them because, ieuwhhhh I wouldn’t want to go without them! A knife, being practical here too, because you never know which gorgeous Alpha Male is passing by and not only is a knife handy for cutting stuff but don’t forget the shaving!!!! I mean if I’m going to be a bush bush lady doesn’t mean I’m a *uhm* bush bush lady hahahaha. I’m saving on the sunblock as I don’t need it, so I can fit in a laptop with wifi and am not forgetting the generator with foot pedals, I need energy to be able to charge my laptop.

As I am taking a leap of fate with hoping at least one Alpha Male is on that Island, I mean the question did not state it was a deserted island… (grinning cheekily at Eric for not thinking about that little factor, but I am willing to consider the fact it is an island far far away from the everyday life ;-) ) I’m most definitely bringing my blanket, I can’t go without it.”

“Natascha!! OMG, now I have images in my mind of bush bush ladies and for some reason humming shaka zulu song. I so need to scrub that image from my mind…”

Natascha starts singing *badly I might add* “In the jungle the mighty jungle….”

Eric Dane coughs and laughs at the same time, “Well ladies, this has definitely been very enlightening and fun to do, which leaves me only with the announcement of the giveaway.”

*drumroll please*

10 books will be given away and all you have to do is leave a meaningful comment to this blogpost. This giveaway is international and will run from May 2nd till May 16th and on May 17th the winner will be announced.

The swag contains:

Ilona Andrews – Magic Bleeds (send via Book Depository Store)

Gena Showalter-The Darkest Kiss; The Darkest Night & The Darkest Pleasure.

Lori Handeland – Any Given Doomsday

Nina Bangs – Wicked Nights

Beth Williamson – The Legacy

Paula Quinn – Laird Of The Mist

Carly Phillips – Lucky Charm

Susan Donovan – He Loves Lucy

I hope we all will have a blast here now that the ROOB-Posse has arrived in blog town with this spanking new blog and that we can party with many authors, share many reviews with you all and talk about lots of book stuff :)  


Book said...


Congratulations with your very new and beautiful ROOB-site! And what a great interview this is, i love it!
I was looking foreward to see the new site and it looks wonderful.
You dit a great job and i hope you will keep on going for a very long time!

With love,

Annemiek. (miekje)

Erotic Horizon said...

You ladies are a riot - Congrats on the great site..

Clean crisp colours and easy to navigate...

Leontine, does Ms. Leontine know about these bartenders that you keep hiring... your shed must be full now..

Have a great week ladies..


Blodeuedd said...

The site looks great :)

Haha, great post, and oh yes I think I would take the practical way and bring tampons too, and that he-man

blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

Tawania said...

Congrats on the new site! It looks great. I loved the interview.. And man those pics were HAWT!


mariska said...

Wieeeee.... Congrats on this NEW site !
This one looks great. and i enjoyed the interview, plus those HOT pics :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Pearl said...

*glares at Natascha and Leontine*

You sneaky wenches had breakfast with Eric (MY Eric!!!) and you didn't invite me???? *GASP*

Seriously...I look forward to spending lots of time in this new place. Great job, ladies!


Michelle Styles said...

COngrats on the new format.
It looks lovely. May ROOB go from strength to strength.

elaing8 said...

Congrats on the new blog,it looks fantastic..and you started it with a bang..yum yum look at all that eye candy..

Now is Eric available...to have a drink with ;) you know me, I need a drink when we celebrate :)


Mieke said...

Congrats! The site looks awesome! I promise to be around more then I have been lately.

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

Thank you all for the great posts and compliments. We really hope to make this blog one that counts and stands out.

@Pearl - sorry sweety, he was the one available on short notice ;-) Leontine and myself were sitting in a café talking about this introduction post and how it would be nice to have breakfast with a hot guy. He walked by, did two steps backward and looked at us with his 'hey ladies you know I'm hot and wanted right?'-look in his eyes. You know, the one all the ladies fall for, so how could we resist?

@our forum ladies: Yay girls thanks for joining the club over in blog world. We'll be roaming the forum-boards again very soon!!!

@everyone else: waving madly hello and being the hiphopping bird bursting of energy I am today with the launch of our blog won't bother you lot with my happy bubble just yet and scare you off quickly *l.o.l*

Hugs to you all!!!!!!

host said...

I love the new site :) Great choice of colours!
And Eric...love the interview

Leontine said...

@Miekje - glad you feel welcome enough to leave a message girl! I hope to see you often...

@EH - Mr.Leontine suspects but he doesn't have hard evidence yet *grin*

@Blodeuedd - I really need my he-man when I'm at a desserted island :)

@Tawania - Oh yes, we know our way to some hawt pics...sometimes you just need to look at something verra nice, verra male nice *wink*

@Mariska - Hawt-pics-r-us yes we do that too here at ROOB LOL

@Pearl - Girl, next time, promise!! The ROOB mansion is forever open to Eric Bane!

@Michelly Styles - *waves enthusiastically* Thanks for dropping by and wishing us good luck ;)

@Elaing8 - Go to the kitchen hon, he's still there...hhmmm Pearl - I guess you wanted to know that bit of info too. Eric is in tha kitchen!

@Mieke - YAY, that would be awesome Mieke, you know we enjoy it when you drop by :)

@Host - Glad you enjoyed yourself Host, it was quite a change but we lurv the new look too *duh*

Portia Da Costa said...

Many congratulations on the elegant new site. It looks super!

Wonderful interview too.

I'll be visiting you regularly.

s7anna said...

Congratulations on the new and very fantabulous site!

I very much enjoyed the yummy eye candy and can't wait for your future posts.


Aurian said...

Love the new site ladies, and what an interview to start with!

I'll be back often I guess ...

hugs, Aurian

Anna Campbell said...

Leontine and Natasha, love, love, LOVE the new site! What a great makeover! Especially today's artwork, snort!

Holly said...

This is a great interview! I love the look of your site, and I like the layout. You guys have great content and I can't wait to see what you offer up next!

please enter me to win one of the books!


and don't stop posting sexy pictures of hot men! :D

donnas said...

Congrats on the site. It looks really great. Looking forward to what is to come on it.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Marissa said...

I agree with Pearl, you did the interview without us????? I could have used the eyecandy!!! LOL... Love the interview, well I am going to spend a lot of time at my new home! It looks great!

Ooooo and Pearl... we should have our own hotty to interview...


angie said...

Love the blog! And anything that starts with a shirtless Eric Dane is sure to get anyone's attention:)And then to move on and see even more eye candy. WOW! I will definitely be visiting more often:)
bangersis at msn dot com

VampFanGirl said...

Wow, this is absolutely stunning ladies!!! Fabulous job!!!

Hugs, VFG

Lea said...

Hi Ladies:

LOL fun article. You ladies are too funny. The blog is beautiful, wonderful graphics and colors. Will be looking forward to more of your posts and interviews.

Thanks for the invite!

Barbara E. said...

Congratulations on your new site, I'm looking forward to following your blog. And the eye candy doesn't hurt, that's for sure.

throuthehaze said...

Congrats on the new site! It looks great :) Fun post...I especially love the pics
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Cecile said...

Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous honey!!! You girls freaking rock!!!! This is a wonderful new place you have here!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, your interview freaking had me rocking!!! You are great!!!!
Hugs to all!!!!!

From one hussy to another love ya!

Twimom227 said...

Ladies: CONGRATS!! Your new site it lovely! I look forward to group posts, hot pics and fun book reviews. Mar/Pearl - I don't know how they could have the interview without you!!

One interesting note... Although your blog is in English, the "google" parts (like this comment form) are in Dutch? (a language that I don't know) But Google is the same, no matter what language, so I can follow along just fine!

buddyt said...

Good heaven's, I am gasping for breath.

That interview and question and answer was so fast and involved I had to read it three times !

Are the rest of the Grey's Anatomy gang also coming to visit.

Go easy on the Shaka Zulu,doll, he wasn't a real sensitive ladies man you know.

Great site.

Carol T (International)

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

It's been an overwhelming first day, I'm so glad so many people like our blog and new look *leaping of joy here*

Giving all a warm embrace!

Mama Bookworm said...

Congrats on the new site! I love the colors! Oh and the picture of Eric Dane is just what I needed this morning *sigh*. I love Dr. Sloan :)

Elizabeth Amber said...

Congratulations on the new look, ROOB! Thanks for keeping me in the loop and letting me know you'd updated everything, Leontine and Natascha. I so enjoyed this post and your wry senses of humor. Very fun. Man candy is the perfect way to start the day.


Elizabeth Amber
Dane The Lords of Satyr

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Congrats ladies!! The new ROOB place looks great! :) I see you had a blast with Eric *sigh* *drool* Ah well, you know that I'm married to his Dutch twin, right? But still, Eric has a special place in my heart ;)
You girls made me lol with your practical side when asked about the five DI items! :D The ereader and laptop with generator are on my list too *g*

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Congrats on your new group blog - I love Eric Bane (I remember when I first laid eyes on him in Grey's Anatomy) and I love the three men with holding space in ur bed :D Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a fav too ..:D

I'm looking forward to many future sexy posts on ur blog

Sara said...

Great new site !

Thanks for the hard work to keep us up to date with the realms of romance !


Sherry said...

I love the look of your new site. It's beautiful and very elegant and easy to get around.
The interview and the candy was great. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.


INCiDeNT said...

Adore the new look (even though I never once saw the other one ;D). The interview made me grin and raise my brows till the end - made my day.

@Natascha - I do believe I know the name of the male you chose that describes sexy in capitals.

Loved both your definitions on romance!

Lissa said...

Love the new site! Congrats! I truly enjoyed your interview.Reminded me of many wonderful, fun conversations that I use to have with my own sister. I have decided that Rafaello Balzo would definitely be 1 of my 5 if on an island! Woot!

leapnlissa at yahoo dot com

JennJ said...

Love the new place ladies!!!!!! Great interview and so much wonderful eyecandy!!!! I'm hooked! :) Congrats and long live the new realm! :)

Y. Bressani said...

Congratulations on the new look, ladies.

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while on the forums. Everything looks spectacular!


Lisa R said...

Love the new look. While the young guys were awesome nothing is hotter that Eric Dane's etched in stone bod. Gotta love "Denny"'s unshaved face. Ahhhh

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Sabrina (about happy books) said...

Congrats on the new blog.
I love the new site and I'm excited to read more of your reviews and your love for books.

Ina said...

Hi there!
wow, ladies I like your posts more and more - ever thought about writing a book? I def would buy and read it!
congrats on the new blog - so far I really like it but I will spend more time here to be sure *gg*
wish you all the best,

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

@INCiDent you do??? Can yuo whisper in my ear? I would love to (g)oogle him some more *wicked grin*

@Lissa LMAO he is one man who can fill up the empty space on an island far far away

@Shadylady hey girl!!!! Indeed long time no see but always great fun to have you around! How have you been?

@Ina Writing is one of my big hobbies and maybe a fanfic or fic will end up partially on this blog, with a monthly update or so, but maybe it's something we might consider for the future *hmmmm the to-do list gets longer and longer mwoahahaha*

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Hey girsl! I stumbled here following one of Leontine tweets and became a follower! The design looks great: bright and girly and whata riot you 4 are!! This interview had me laughing so much (except when I was ogling the sexy pics.. yumm!)

Congrats on the new launch and please keep us entertained for much longer! :-)


Ducky said...

You ladies are the fun-est gals on the PLANET and when it comes to picking yummy hunk honeys......well there ain't no better than y'all. I really hope you do have a Cover Hussy Club. Just think how many NEW followers you will get just from the name!!!LOL

Y. Bressani said...


Been doing good - though busy....mostly. *wg* at least found a good way to support ye olde book habit by reviewing. Outside of that, had-since about November-wound up with a lot of proofreading work....let's just say that the amount of invoicing sent out by me to my client since then is about the same (or at least feels like it) that I did for the previous 18 months.

Had some pc troubles in February and have been trying to catch up on stuff since then. That has been mostly done, but the grey matter is rebelling on the "stuff" still left to catch up on......go figure.

mbreakfield said...

The interview was great, but the pics really caught my attention.

INCiDeNT said...

@Natascha - Sure, why not? *Wicked grin too.* Sharing is caring in my book at times. He goes by the name Andrei Andrei.

Lucy said...

OMG, he really makes my knees buckle!
So handsome, would like to have breakfast with him, yep!

Tori [Book Faery] said...

I love the new look of your blog--I wish I had found out about it sooner!

Those pictures are delicious. And romance is pretty hard to define. If it's in regards to books, I would have to say that they're basically books where men woo women and there's always a HEA that usually gives readers the warm fuzzies.


flchen1 said...

Wow, just stumbled across a tweet about your gorgeous new blog--glad to have found you and will be taking some time to explore :) Thanks for introduction and lovely... scenery!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Spav said...

Congrats on your blog new look! It looks great, I especially liked the colors you've chosen. It makes a nice contrast.


ms bookjunkie said...

Huh. I was sure I'd commented already but I guess i got stumped by the comment form before…(?)

Congrats ladies!

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