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Monday, June 7, 2010

ARC-review: Carrie Lofty - Song of Seduction

eBook; 263 pages
Publisher: Carina Press, June 7, 2010
ISBN-10: 1426890024
ISBN-13: 978-1426890024
Genre: Historical Romance
Book: Book One in Napoleonic Series
Main Characters: Arie De Voss & Mathilda Heidel
On sale at: Carina Press

Eight years ago, composer Arie De Voss claimed his late mentor's final symphony as his own and became an icon. But fame has a price: fear of discovery now poisons his attempts to compose a redemptive masterpiece. Until a new muse appears, intoxicating and inspiring him...

Mathilda Heidel renounced her own musical gift to marry, seeking a quiet life to escape the shame surrounding her birth. Sudden widowhood finds her tempted by song once more. An unexpected introduction to her idol, Arie De Voss, renews Mathilda's passion for the violin--and ignites a passion for the man himself.

But when lust and lies reach a crescendo, Arie will be forced to choose: love or truth?

Pearl’s review:
Arie De Voss is a Dutch musician, composer and conductor. He’s a recluse, eccentric, withdrawn, unpolished and gruff. One might even call him anti-social. He can be blunt and abrasive. There was one instant in the book where I was afraid to be disappointed in the character of Arie but he was given the chance to redeem himself and I was really happy about that. Arie is flawed and a bit dark and it would be easy not to like him but Carrie Lofty really made him work for me because he recognizes his faults and owns up to them. Also, he has a subtle yet wicked sense of humor and the moments when it emerged were wonderful

Mathilda Heidel is a widow and a violinist. She’s direct, passionate and stubborn, a fighter and persistent in overcoming scandal and loss. Mathilda has admired Arie since she saw him perform when she was sixteen years old and the impact he’s had on her life goes further than he could ever have imagined.

After a few slow introductive chapters Arie, Mathilda, the music and the passion just exploded of the pages. SONG OF SEDUCTION kept me captivated and entranced with the unusual setting and premise, the sharp-witted dialogues, which were a duel of wits between two equals and the smoldering chemistry between Arie and Mathilda. They have a lot in common: loss, scandal and their musical talent. They truly complement each other. This all made it into a wonderful and exceptional read.

My only, very little, point of criticism is that were a few Dutch words that caught my attention because they didn’t quite work for me. I don’t think non-Dutch readers will notice this and I cannot deem them wrongly translated, as I am not one familiar with the Dutch language in the 1800s. I can only say that I would have used other words in some cases. However, this in no way or form prevented me from thoroughly enjoying this lovely book.

The writing was so beautiful and compelling, truly a symphony of words and I feel anything I write or say about Carrie Lofty’s writing won’t do it justice. Reading this book made me want to plan a trip to Austria and visit a classical music concert to experience first-hand the scenery and music that was being described.

SONG OF SEDUCTION had me mesmerized and I was truly seduced by the characters, the writing and the music. It’s a unique, refreshing book in a wonderful setting with great characters and a display of beautiful writing and amazing storytelling. It’s a novel that tells a story of passions, desires, love, music, loss and scandal. The story is powerful and character-driven. It’s a book that’s to be savored slowly so you’re able to take in the wonderful details and exquisite writing.

If you’re wondering if you should read historical romance SONG OF SEDUCTION answers that question with a resounding “yes”! It’s wonderfully refreshing and different and I am sure lovers of both romance and classical music will adore and enjoy this book as much as I did.

He wanted more of the quiet companionship of their lessons—week after week, every week, until she could no longer bear the idea of being separated from him. Every week, until mere Wednesday afternoons became a terrible confinement from which togetherness would set them free. Arie De Voss no longer wanted to be alone. He gave up one kiss for the chance at future kisses. In the hopes of satisfying his passion more thoroughly, more completely, he relinquished a sweltering moment of lust.


Leontine said...

Oh, your review has me wanting for another Carrie Lofty historical romance! I know what you mean with her compelling writing, she really breaths life to her world and characters. I also was surprised about the leading male being Dutch...I mean, you don't often get a Dutch hero presented in books and one who has such an affinity with music. It is a personal trigger for me too, the music, if incorporated well within the novel it can add such emotions, depth et cetera to a story. I want to sample what CL did with it!!

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

Great review! I understand what you mean with the dutch words used in English written novels, though I haven't read Carrie Loftie's novel yet. It's a quirk I have as well but on the other hand, if you don't know better it's not something to worry about ;-).

I'm in a historical mood at the moment, so reading HR a lot, this one is going on my wishlist!

Marissa said...

A Dutch character, how could I have missed that LOL, that is rare... great review, it sounds like a great read!

Janet Mark said...

Wow I can't wait to read this! I've never read anything by Carrie Lofty but I always hear such good things. I really want to pick this up but I believe it might be ebook only? I don't own a kindle or any kind of ereader and the only website I can find that sells the compatible version for a netbook is booksonboard.com. I might go ahead and buy it there if I get antsy, any ideas on if a hard copy version will be released?

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