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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ARC-review: Ginny Glas - Coin Operated

eBook; 68 pages
Publisher: Carina Press, June 7, 2010
ISBN-10: 1426890000
ISBN-13: 978-1426890000
Genre: Erotic Romance
Book: Book One in Dirty Laundry Series
Main Characters: Elijah Elliot & Beatrix London
On sale at: Carina Press

When Elijah Elliot leaves a cushy job at a prestigious Atlanta advertising firm to strike out on his own, he recruits co-worker Beatrix London as his business partner. She’s smart, capable and, turns out, mouth-wateringly tempting. Now Eli has to keep his hands to himself, despite the very vivid daydreams he has involving his deliciously attentive associate. Daydreams that involve less administrative duties and more “yes, sirs” - less clothing and much more personal “activity reports”.

Bea’s attention to detail has only part to do with her work ethic. From the moment she first laid eyes on Elijah, Bea has had some pretty lathered-up fantasies about her brooding coworker. When a racy new advertising campaign sparks a test of their boundaries, Bea pushes Eli to cross the line he’s drawn between them – the one that keeps him from doing all the hot, sinful things she imagines he’s capable of.

A kiss that could ignite a cubicle’s carpet leaves Bea wanting more than Eli is willing to give. Eli’s reticence isn’t strictly an objection to a little office hanky-panky; his desire for Bea runs to the darker side of vanilla, and the gentleman in him just can’t seem to embrace the inner beast. But during a sexy showdown in a laundry room, everything comes out in the wash-- hot, steamy and coin operated!

Pearl’s review:
COIN OPERATED tells the story of Elijah Elliot and Beatrix London, two business partners who run an ad agency. Eli is a Dominant and Bea is a submissive, they are undeniably drawn to each other but despite their fantasies of each other, neither makes a move to consolidate those fantasies until Bea comes up with a naughty presentation for one of their clients.

Eli is the brooding A-type kind of hero. He’s the people-minded partner of the two of them, the creative one who interacts best with the clients and charms them. Bea is a sharp, dedicated and dependable woman. She’s the regulating partner of the two, the planner and the number cruncher. Eli tries to fight his attraction to Bea. He intends to put some distance between them and part ways but he can’t get himself to commit to it.

This debut release of author Ginny Glass with Carina Press is the first book of the Dirty Laundry series. And what a first installment it is! The very first paragraph of the book sets the tone and immediately captured my attention. It opens with some explicit fantasies Eli and Bea are having of being together and it was hot. I was hoping the reality was going to be as great as the fantasies they were having and the author didn’t disappoint!

I love the office romance trope and I loved how the tension built up to the point where the fantasies became reality and climaxes in an explosive scene. In COIN OPERATED the theme of BDSM is touched in a light way. Nothing heavy handed, just in an introductory, yet sultry way. Eli fears the man he is when he’s with Bea and doesn’t see that Bea wants exactly that man.

COIN OPERATED is a sweet, hot and quick read guaranteed to give you a few sizzling reading hours. It’s a very promising start of the series and I definitely want to read more in the Dirty Laundry world.

Through a captivating writing style Ginny Glass delivers a short but great start to the series with a good and intense build-up and a great execution of the fantasies. My only complaint is that I would have loved more pages to this story if only for more of Eli and Bea’s scorching chemistry and to get to know them even better.

The Laundromat never sounded so exciting to me and doing laundry has never been this hot. Ginny Glass puts sexy in washers, dryers and laundry change!

There was no oxygen left for sound; it was burned up on inhale and used up to keep her from fragmenting into a million permanently shattered bits of glory.

(As we only award whole and half stars here at ROOB I have given COIN OPERATED 3,5 stars but if I could I would give it 3,75 stars.)


Natascha / Ashleagh said...

I enjoyed reading your review, and office romance... I'm game for reading that rofl, who doesn't fantasize about a hotty at work, I know I'm guilty ;-)

That together with some BDSM and I'm a fan!

Leontine said...

You make it so hard to resist the buy button Pearl!! Now I want to find out for myself how doing laundry and the laundromat can be so damn hot!

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