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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Requested Read Review: Catherine Kean - A Knight's Persuasion

Mass Market Paperback; 385 pages

Publisher: Medallion Press (June 4, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1605420964
ISBN-13: 9781605420967
Genre: Historical Romance
Book: Book four in the Knight’s series
Main Characters: Edouard de Lanceau & Juliana de Greyne
On sale at: The Book Depository Store

A Knight’s Persuasion tells the story of Edouard, firstborn and heir of the great lord Geoffrey de Lanceau. Due to certain circumstances he finds himself betrothed to the sister of Lady Juliana de Greyne, whom, upon first meeting, he falls in love with. Events leave Juliana unconscious on a riverside bank, while Edouard passes by on mere coincidence. When seeking shelter and a healer at his father’s friends keep they find themselves locked in a tower by his father’s enemies. From there on things unfold rapidly, as his father’s enemy is on a quest for revenge.

Edouard, as a hero, is not the typical Alpha Male nor Beta man, but is somewhere in between. He feels a strong attraction towards Juliana but honor-bound as he is, a series of events betroth him to her sister. He, however, never forgets Juliana, and in this his strong sense of honor gnaws at him, making him a star-crossed lover. At the same time he holds everything I need my knight in shining armor to be!

I sense that Juliana is a soft sweet person, going out of her way to help others without putting her own needs ahead. Creative and sensitive, but strong minded as well (and not only towards the positive side of things).

The characters on their own do not stand out to me, but when forced together they make a strong team and have a connection that came across as real and loving. And because this occurs, it makes their story compelling and satisfying to read.

When I first started reading this novel, I felt a bit confused as to where the story took place and in which time-frame. A time-span of a year is spread over the pages of a few chapters. It gave me a feeling of being rushed through various built ups in plotlines and it gave me a lose-threaded base on which this story had to be built upon. In some ways certain things had to be explained, but I’m not sure if it really added to the story for me. I think it might have come across better when in due time these storylines were explained as the story progressed – starting from Edouard and Juliana meeting again at the riverbank - in the setting of flashbacks.

The suspense factor acted as an ambrosia for me, hooked me onto the story and I was not able to put it down till the last page was turned, leaving me satisfied and hungering for more at the same time. Veronique, the villain in this story is really villainess. When I first stumbled upon her in this story I felt an instant dislike towards her, and the way she turned events around, brainwashed her son, twisting events for her own personal gain and vendetta made me hate her. All my praises for this, I love villains who are bad to the core, it gives the story a great suspense and definitely spices things up!

Up until the very end plotlines evolve and reveal themselves in total surprise and up until the very end I kept wondering will they, or won’t they get their happily ever after. I was glad it ended up in a way that Edouard kept his honor bound character as to me that was one of his best qualities.

However, having said that, when the story took more root in a slower pace, I really enjoyed it and Catherine Kean’s writing style appeals to me very much. Her characters all have their own uniqueness and add to the story. And the way the historical back-drop was described and blended in made me linger in the thirteenth century.

A few side-characters got my attention and I hope these will get their own story in this series as well. I for one would love to see what will happen to Tye, and Kaine totally got my attention with his wickedly rogueish ways! All in all, Catherine Kean made her way to my keepers-shelves!


Marissa said...

I have read two book by Kean, liked those very much thanks to her writing style, loved reading your review!

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

Hi Marissa,

This was my first one off her hand but more will follow I can assure you. It's her writingstyle as well that did it for me ;-)


Leontine said...

Catherine Kean is such a comfort read for me, I love how she takes me back to old skool knights and damsels in distress :) I'm glad you got to taste that too Natascha!!

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